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To keep things going for us and not to let it ever get boring." Her eyes now bore into mine.

"To cut to the chase, with my inability to handle all of that monster, I need someone I can trust who can fully satisfy that behemoth between his legs," another pause before saying, "and fulfill some of his errr... While I'm willing to stretch those, there are just some things that I can't bring myself to do.

Ignoring it and transitioning back to a more serious tone, she continued.

Of course, you've seen that now." After a short, self-satisfied smiled over her deep throating skills, her face took a downcast expression. With a pained expression, she continued to speak, "But no matter how many times we've tried, he cannot plant himself fully inside my pussy.

It doesn't matter how cock-hungry I am, how much lubrication we use, or how much time we spend to stretch me out to accommodate him. "I just can't give him the full experience, you know?

Trust me, your wife has some secret fantasies that aren't just dirty, they are quite filthy." She laughed now, not derisively, but in a rich genuine manner.

"Truthfully lover, they blew me away, because I'd always assumed that I was the filthy girl between her and I." I'm sure the disbelief I was feeling showed on my face.

Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

***** Chapter One -- Some Questions Answered, but More Created Flipping the phone back to show her face, Bri continued, "Let's give these kids a few minutes to themselves." With that, she stood and walked toward the door, leaving them behind.

"Listen Joe, you know that Kristi was really there for me at the end of my marriage, right? We talked about topics we had never broached before. Some of it was to help me heal and some of it was just for distraction.

The result was that she helped me get through the worst moments in my life, and it brought us closer than sisters." She took on a faraway gaze and smiled in remembrance.

"Hold on Joe, it will become more obvious, please listen." We held eye contact for several moments, until she was satisfied that I would wait.

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