Windows sidebar rss feed not updating

As you can see below, the feed display box is semi-transparent, and it has forward and reverse controls, so that you can scroll through the feed title list if you want to do it manually.

It’s also cool that you can assign a different box border color, depending on the feed that you’re adding.

One great example of this is Feed Notifier, an RSS feed app Feed Notifier rests in your taskbar, and you can add feeds to it simply by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Add Feed”.

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It’s filled with features, very customizable, and the ticker includes small images as well as text, which is very cool.

Upon installing and launching Snackr (which requires the installation of Adobe AIR Runtime by the way), you’ll see a list of feeds already available in the app.

Other people might prefer the clean, small text scrolling across the screen, in which case you’d be better off using Desktop Ticker.

Snackr I think out of all of the RSS desktop display apps that I’ve ever tried, Snackr is easily one of the best.

News RSS Ticker actually comes preloaded with a good-sized list of news feeds from around the web, but if you want to add more, you can also add individual feeds and enable them to display by clicking on the checkbox next to the feed title.

Here’s what the ticker display looks like docked at the top of my desktop display.

You have kids, your responsibilities grow, and it seems like the days grow shorter.

First, you no longer have time to play those games that you used to love so much.

News RSS Ticker is among the top ticker-tape RSS feed displays out there, thanks to nice large scrolling font, and the fact that it takes up so little of the desktop display space.

It is docked at the top and leaves nearly your entire display available for other work.

It’s simple, easy to read even when sitting back from the screen, and it’ll catch your attention when a particularly interesting headline scrolls across the screen.

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