Whos dating john cena

According to editor Dave Meltzer, Cena “is closing in on earning million per year” from WWE.

He has starred in action films such as , a military-inspired reality competition show.

Endeavors outside of WWE should safeguard his financial prospects in the future when he’s done wrestling.

→ Before his relationship with Nikki Bella got out in the open, John Cena was quietly married to a woman named Elizabeth Huberdeau.

See photos of when the two were together, and from their wedding. John Cena’s Relationship With Nikki Bella → Thanks to on E!

Steve Burns recently shared that he is not a fan of the possibility of John Cena hosting the new , stating that the appeal of the original series was that the host was just a regular dude.

He even went so far as to challenge Cena to a wrestling match for the hosting job.

Steve Burns was the show's most iconic host, playing Steve from 1996 to 2002, but left the series, claiming that he was ready to get out of children's television.

Steve was replaced by Joe, a new character played by Donovan Patton, who hosted the show until its finale in 2006.

It’s possible that Lesnar, who signed a new contract with WWE last year, and Orton are earning more now.

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