Vba application screenupdating false does not work

Screen Flicker - EXCEL 2013 Only Just in case MS does something with there forum posts as they often do, here is his proposed work-a-round.thank you Tn Tin MN so it turns out it is actually an Excel 2013 issue...

vba application screenupdating false does not work-6

The code is perfectly work in excel 2003 but when the same macro will run in excel 2010 it shows An 'xyz workbook opening form this path(it showing path)' it shows with window that have cancel Button , so sometimes many team members click on that cancel button that cause an error.

Hello, The beginning of t he code I am writing turns off screen updating, but the screen still updates as the code runs.

Hello, I trying to run the code above in the office 2013, but the hidden sheet while processing does not appear.

Thanks Sub Caixa() Dim myvalue As Variant myvalue = Input Box("P.f.

i must admit that my Screen Update does not help to make the code readable so this mistake could have happened to many of us...

To follow up on Pete and DS, why are you switching between workbooks? Screenupdating=false won't prevent the "switching" from being displayed, so I'm not understanding why you wouldn't see that in 2010 as well.

Screen Updating = False Sheets("Analise de clientes em rota"). Sub Caixa() Dim myvalue As Variant myvalue = Input Box("Please enter the number") Sheets("Wait").

I just want, when a processing something, to the user see a blank sheet and after, show the result. But in my case, when i use screenupdating, i want that the macro goes to a black sheet (for exemple), and do the stuff and after finished goes back to the start, like this one.

but with no idea of why should that happen with excel 2013-W8 only.

besides, both machines are laptops and the excel2013-W8 being more powerful, so that should not be a matter of opening file speed, should Application. and just to finish checking all of your suggestions/doubts @westconn1: I actually put calls to my Screen Updatejust(False, previous Screen Update) at the beginning of every procedure to make sure I had 'Application.

Screen Updating' set to False (and store its previuous value) before going through it.

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