Validating others

There are two ways to report any errors from this step.

Probably the most common method is to display the error at the top of the form.

Tammie hates her baby brother and wants to hit him.

Billy’s Mom tries to comfort him by saying, “Don’t feel sad, Billy. ” Tammie’s mother tries to deny Tammie’s feelings, “No you don’t hate your baby brother.

As you learn to trust your inner knowing rather than make others your authority for what is right or wrong for you, you will start to feel more inwardly powerful.

When you choose to be kind to yourself and to others and value yourself for your kindness, you will find yourself feeling very happy with yourself.

If you want to customize this process, there are various places to make changes, each one serving a different purpose.

Three types of cleaning methods are run during form processing.By the time the form’s will be populated with any data that has survived so far.So you also need to remember to allow for the fact that the fields you are wanting to validate might not have survived the initial individual field checks.Think of your feelings and inner knowing as an actual child – your inner child.If you have an actual child and you want to raise that child to feel very secure, loved, and valued, how would you treat that child? This is how you need to treat yourself – your own inner child, if you want to become a self-validating person. is a best-selling author of 8 books, relationship expert, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® process – featured on Oprah.Django’s form (and model) fields support use of simple utility functions and classes known as validators.

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