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If you once owned a Saturn and have occasionally felt nostalgic about the titles you’ve let go, stop reading this and acquire SSF immediately.It should find a permanent home on your hard drive.

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Will they still hold their value, or will the games start dropping in price due to the “easier” emulation capabilities?

Furthermore (concerning value), since Saturn modchips are fairly cheap (albeit a little harder to come by these days) and games easily copied, I think the value of game discs has been affected as much as it ever will be. I don’t have a good computer (fastest is a P4 running maybe 1.8GHZ?

Tech Mynd brings pc games for you from your childhood.

These are addicting games that you loved playing in the past. These are computer version of those coin operated cool games.

Glad to hear that they may hold up value as it may be a while before I get to play them all the way through…

Saturns just seem to be magnetically attracted to me or something, as I have had 3 in the past 2 years or so and have sold all of them. All I’d really wish for is a way to directly load ISOs (or maybe it has that now? As it is, you need to load ISOs in Daemon Tools and then the game plays off the virtual CD.

These are the best games that will bring back old memories to you. You can suggest us your favorite classic game and we will try to get it for you.

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I had been under the impression that the emulation just wasn’t quite there yet.

I look forward to trying this out next weekend, there were so many games I missed out on. Racketboy, what do you think this will do to the market for SS games?

This section is loaded with old classic free games. We have car games (need for speed 2), chess games, online games, mario games, strategy games, action games, puzzle games, sports games, card games, board games, beat them up games, simulation games, adventure games and much more.

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