Updating 8330 curve sprint

Once I began to realize how much easier typing is in a Zen state of mind I began to speed up and develop my Black Berry Prayer Position: hands clinched, lips slightly moving almost mouthing a mantra, looking down in deep mediation…etc.

updating 8330 curve sprint-40

The Sprint Curve has the standard QWERTY backlit keyboard colored like AT&T’s red Curve.

The number keys are lighter and the rest of the letter keys are dark.

I do wish, however, the keyboard would seat into the device more solidly.

The keyboard wiggles a bit with a slight “clicky” sound when keys are pressed.

I feel the four function keys above are constructed better and maybe RIM could take cues from how these are put together.

Having large fingers made typing with the tiny keys a challenge initially.

When he finally got his hands on his new Curve, he was already educated and hit the ground running.

While Paul may be new to Black Berry, he's not new to technology.

To overcome the challenge of typing I became Zen-like.

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