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But Jackson was also a troubled man, who sought medical help numerous times to battle drug addiction and manic depression and, during treatment, told doctors about the sexual abuse he experienced in his youth.

There is little doubt that this abuse impacted greatly on Jacksons life and may well have led to his premature death.

However, we have recorded many of the cases that were brought to trial in the 1990s.

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Hence he was a great persecutor, a strong vice-crusader, the best witch hunter...

It is useless to tell such a man to love his neighbour as himself; he hates so much of himself.

Only then can you decide what to think about the sensitive and controversial issues of paedophile priests, the moral hypocrisy their actions engineer and the countless victims whose lives they destroy.

This booklet is not designed to criticise religion or make judgments on the day to day lifestyles of church clergy.

This shows that, as a profession, the priesthood has lost its direction and has become a real danger to the community.

The scale of this travesty is so great that only the highest level enquiry will get to the bottom of it.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Jacksons widow would eventually settle a case with the exclusive Anglican private school where the alleged sexually abused had taken place.

The undisclosed settlement was believed to be in the vicinity of 0,000 but no amount of money could ever make up for the loss of her husband under such tragic circumstances.

One can understand any person choosing certain moral codes to govern their own lives but what motivates them to force their moral codes onto others? Perhaps the following analysis of anti-vice crusader, Anthony Comstock, penned by Harvey OHiggins and Edward Reede (in their book, The American Mind), sheds some much needed light on the motivations of other crusaders, even those in Australia."The Puritan lived in a state of war with his instinctive self, which he regarded as his evil self tempting him to live according to the law of the flesh when he wished to live according to the Pauline law of God.

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