Stop skype updating

Skype is working to improve that as well, though there’s no firm ETA on that feature.

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Specifically, I’m talking about the ability to sync messages – “read” versus “not read” – across devices and platforms.

The situation should be familiar: you open up Skype on Windows Phone after chatting all day at the PC, only to have a barrage of “new” messages come in that you read hours earlier.

Sometimes the new interface of Skype might not be as user-friendly or attractive as the previous one.

In such cases, if users want to revert back to the older version of Skype, they are required to uninstall the entire application and then reinstall it using the older executable file.

Soft resetting with a combo of the above also did not do anything.

We would have just deleted our Microsoft Account and tried again but alas, you can’t delete the master account on the phone, nor can you cancel the sync.

Previously we’ve passed on a few tips for people who have had battery issues and we can absolutely confirm one of them now: Skype.

No, it doesn’t occur often in fact this was our first time with the problem ever since Skype hit the Store a few weeks ago.

As soon as Skype detects any new updates, it initiates the download process.

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