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We are living in what the bible calls the last days or end times.

This blog is devouted to showing you what's happening around the world and the plans being made to usher in a new world order lead by the anti-christ.

These men as well as five percenters like Alicia Keys, Common, Jill Scott, Nas, the Fugees and Erakah Badu do not believe in Jesus Christ instead in themselves as gods.

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Although they defile their Savior, many Christians continue to support their favorite artist’s belief through songs.

Lewis’ Truth Behind Hip Hop extensively covers the shunning of Jesus Christ by many of today’s most popular artist.

How many of you can finish this sentence, “the best part of waking up…?

” You can place a thousand people in a single room and have it overcome by boredom.

Lewis asserts his ministry in revealing the truths behind hip-hop as told through his 13 plus years of research and investigation of the now mainstream music and culture.

Music can disturb a man’s conscious without his consent.

Prior to releasing Confession’s, Usher Raymond and his record company gave consent to witches placing spells on Usher and his music in order that it may have a more lasting affect with those who listen to it. Confessions is now entertaining a bout with sexual rehabilitation.

He cannot refrain from sleeping with his background singers, as well as men and women within his support team.

Once you add music to the equation those same thousand people have something in common.

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