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Scott and Tessa should also be able to profit from the unseemly interest fans have in their relationship.Scott and Tessa are entitled to encourage prurient interest in their relationship and their private lives, so they can keep profiting.When he writes about hockey and football he writes about the actual game, which he knows, because, you know, real sport.

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Everybody involved in the sham appears cloaked in sanctimony.

Scott and Tessa should be protected from the unseemly interest fans have in their relationship.

It's been mentioned below that Alma Moir has started following Kaitlyn Lawes. When I look at the latest group of newly-minted VM fans, they are exactly the same as the 2010 group of VM fans.

Publicly exchanging fan fic and speculation, but believing if they tip toe, Scott and Tessa won't notice.

You'd think a legit guy like this would have a qualm or two about pumping out a book under his name that markets itself as the truth, but is a complete, total hoax, but apparently he had none. This makes complete sense to everybody around them.

I feel pretty sure that, given the green light by his subjects, the eminent sports journalist Steve Milton would, without a second's reflection, happily explain why it's okay to write and sell a fake biography as a true biography as long as it's to skating fans, and how Milton's first duty/responsibility as a journalist was protecting the likes of Scott and Tessa from the likes of us.Per The House of Anasi's bio he's a National Newspaper Award finalist, multiple Ontario Newspaper Award winner, and Gemini Award finalist.The House of Anasi is the publishing house that put out Scott and Tessa's book all about their platonic love, "written" while Scott and Tessa were married and expecting their first child. Scott and Tessa deserve the publicity, celebrity and financial opportunities that come from selling their true story, but they also need to have that precious truth unsullied by skating fans knowing anything about it.From the comments section in the post below: I don't like how the ISU conducts itself.It's insulting to the supporters and consumers of figure skating that they're sold a bill of goods, expected to swallow it, and further encouraged to support the sport financially. According to your logic, why should I care about that?It must have sailed over Skate Canada's heads but when a couple of famous figure skaters bellow into a video camera that they're no longer lovers and she's dating another teammate who used to be her partner's best friend, and because of her, her partner/former lover and their teammate/her current lover aren't friends anymore, the 'discretion" message might not stick. That would bring out the wistful nostalgia in anyone, especially the dude who was dumped.

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