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We just show that he's undercover and it's really kind of left for Burgess to deal with it." star Nick Wechsler, who kicks off a multi-episode arc Wednesday as Kenny Rixton, a former colleague of Voight's from their gang unit days.

"There's obviously people in the unit want to know what this guy's story is.

That cleared the way for Voight (Jason Beghe) to finally promote uniformed cop Burgess (Marina Squerciati) upstairs — a question that's been looming since season one.

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So it was an evolution of that character and the show." The promotion not only changes the dynamics of the Intelligence Unit, but also eliminates the uniformed cop storyline that served as a smaller but consistent role in the show's week-to-week episode structure.

"Sometimes with the uniform story, it felt like, not an obligation, but sometimes it was difficult to kind of weave that in thematically," Olmstead says.

If he was a former protege of Voight's from the gang unit, then does he represent the old Voight, which we knew from which was the kind of no-rules person which Voight has evolved from? "So the journey for his former protege is can he also make that transition?

Or is he stuck in a certain methodology that is far from being with Voight back in the wild west of the gang unit? Is he too feet-first, fist-first or can he make the adjustment?

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We intentionally want to not let her know what's going on," Olmstead says.

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