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Maybe I am being a bit paranoid, but from the points above, it seems as though they are telling me I am not really essential to the department.I was wondering if you see the same and if you could provide any insight into this.

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I wouldn’t interpret the stuff you list as definitive proof that they’re thinking of laying you off, but they do seem to point to you potentially being more expendable than colleagues.

Combined with the financial troubles, it would be shortsighted not to start looking around so that you’re prepared if it does happen. I had an odd experience today and wanted feedback on if I’m right to think it’s strange.

My manager promised me this would change and that I would start being involved in larger projects, but so far I don’t see any change.

In light of what is happening in the company and in light of the points above, am I being viewed as a candidate for layoffs?

I’m usually right on top of things, but I forgot to cancel the most recent trip because that cancellation came a day after the previous trip’s cancellation.

I was able to transfer the Amtrak e-voucher to my next scheduled trip, and you’re not charged for the rental car if you don’t show up.If you were her manager, that would be different — you’d have standing to tell her if it were inappropriate for work. In the recent months, I’ve had four business trips scheduled.The last three were cancelled at the last minute (but with enough time for cancelling reservations).I have been laid off twice before and I don’t want to be caught off guard this time.Whenever a company is struggling financially, it’s smart to consider that layoffs might be coming.(I feel like commenters are going to disagree, but honestly, if a friend came to me with this dilemma, this is what I’d tell them.) 3. The company I work at seems to be having some cash flow issues, which the CEO assures us was due to a mistake on senior management’s part and that this happens to companies all the time.

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