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However, the results may not be enough to truly settle the debate on the Moon’s age, according to Richard Carlson, the director for the department of terrestrial magnetism at Carnegie Institution for Science.

While Carlson says Barboni and her team did solid work, he has a few concerns about the technique used to analyze the zircon, as well as some assumptions that were made in the study.

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Even Creation Wiki agrees that this is a bad argument.

Rocks brought by Apollo teams from the moon have been dated by the various radiometric methods.

These concerns may not have thrown off the estimates, but they may cause some experts to doubt the results.

“It’s just a very complicated problem they are addressing here, which is why we still don’t have a clear answer to such an obvious question as the age of the Moon,” Carlson tells Zircon has already been found to be a valuable tool for dating rocks here on Earth.

The giant impact would have created a massive ocean of liquid magma that eventually coalesced into the Earth and the Moon.

The chemical signatures of zircon allowed the scientists to estimate when the Moon’s solidification occurred — a key process that is often considered the beginning of the Moon’s life.

If the results are accurate, it means the giant impact that created the Moon must have occurred fairly early on in the Solar System’s history.

The Moon is thought to have formed from the leftover debris of a high-speed collision between Earth and a smaller planet-like object called Theia — and the timing of this event is important for figuring out when life formed here on Earth, too.

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