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Plus, it takes way too much information to complete your profile.

Alex's take: Yeah, "geek" in this case seems synonymous with "anyone who owns a computer." That's not necessarily a bad thing, and neither is the surplus of seduction toys like video, quizzes, and live chat; just know that Geek 2 Geek is a full-on social network, not just a dating service.

As for whether you'll actually find geeks on this site, well, a quick look-through says yes.

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Exhibit A comes from "Jill" in the San Francisco Bay Area, who posted the following on Craigslist: I get an ad from a guy roughly my age who has a hot bike, and some pics showing he's fairly attractive. I flipped the pages of the magazine I had brought in case of a no-show and glanced at him periodically, wondering how the [expletive removed] was I going to extricate myself from this. "I was inundated with winks and messages in my True inbox," Hitchcock says. "One guy came right out in the subject line of his message and let me know he wanted to meet me and do 'bad things' to me," Hitchcock reports.

We e-mail back and forth a bit, he says he's definitely looking for the same thing, and finally we agree to meet at a coffee shop. He resembled his pics the way Stuart Little resembles Mickey Mouse. "Another claimed he was a real cowboy in New Mexico and wanted to have sex with me bareback on his horse.

I have sent this individual US$2,000.00 and now I find out his/her visa is a fake. ("Tough ****," the Embassy replies, in effect.) I would recommend this device for families and small businesses who want one safe place to store all their important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, family, business partners, or customers.

Valentine's Day is upon us and if you're without a special someone, online dating might sound like a viable option.

His teeth were black, absolutely disgusting, and he had a cyst beside his left eye. Not only that, but I got the distinct impression that he personally knew where a few bodies were buried. Oy."Loneliness can be exploited, as some lonely hearts in the United States have found out.

The Web site of the US embassy in Moscow has some good advice for Americans who think they've met their online match in Russia, and run into trouble.

With November now upon us, so too is the eagerly anticipated slew of Christmas ad campaigns to get us in the festive spirit.

Currys PC World has become among the first to launch the annual countdown, debuting its new campaign during Wednesday’s Coronation Street ad break.

Lonely people, broken hearts, false claims, dashed expectations, doctored photos, bailouts, and no-shows — it's all part of the online dating experience, and we unearthed a little of everything. Leaving my coffee and magazine, and barely taking time to snatch up my purse, I put my cell phone to my ear like I had just received an emergency call and literally hauled ass down the street to my car before he came back out. But, she says, she had to kiss a few frogs before finally finding her prince.

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