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Seconds later, the escalator mechanism hurled the boy over the railing.

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“Geetha had taken the children to play games and buy toys at the mall.” As Naveen and his sisters were riding the escalator to the second floor, an investigating officer said, the moving handrail caught a loose end of the adjustment band on a shoulder strap of his bag.

When Naveen reached the second floor, the bag with its snagged strap headed with the moving rail into the escalator pulley, dragging him along and causing him to choke.

A senior police officer said: 'Aasia was forced to marry Amjad against her will.'She was not happy and came back to her parents' house after a few days into marriage but her family forcibly sent her back to her in-laws' house.'Aasia concocted the plot to avenge being married against her will and was provided with poisonous substance by her alleged lover, Shahid Lashari.

Police said that initially Aasia claimed that a lizard had fallen into the milk, poisoning it.

Pakistan accounted for the highest number of forced marriages reported to the UK's Forced Marriage Unit in 2016.

Incidents of poisoning are common in the Punjab, where marrying out of choice remains an anomaly.“The owners of a building must undertake periodic servicing and maintenance of an escalator themselves, once the manufacturer’s warranty period ends,” he said.The promiscuity of Indian girls knows no limits, it's almost legendary.Smoking hot girls give you the full bangla porn experience by putting their plump lips and spectacular boobs to good use.They love discovering new cocks and revealing their incredible talents, which is why passionate hindi sex is ever so popular.“He hit the side of the escalator railing and fell around 24ft to the ground floor.” Customers at the mall helped Geetha take her brother to a private hospital and then to Government Royapettah Hospital.

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