Occupational therapist dating patient

Around March 2016 staff started becoming 'increasingly concerned' at the relationship between the pair, prosecutor Susan Carter said.

The court heard the relationship caused tension within the unit and the victim 'made threats' to other residents.

Ms Carter described him as a 'vulnerable adult with mental health problems'.

Mc Leod had worked as an occupational therapist 'for many years' prior to the incident and the hearing was told she had a 'responsibility and obligation' of care towards the patient.

The court heard the patient gave Mc Leod, of Belgrave Street, a Pandora gift card during their relationship, along with a thank-you card for her work.

Investigations were held both internally and by police into the relationship between the pair.

A licensee, regardless of the practice setting, shall safeguard the public from unethical and unlawful business practices.

(4) A licensee shall not intentionally or knowingly offer to pay or agree to accept any compensation, directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly, in cash or in kind, to or from any person or entity for receiving or soliciting patients or patronage, regardless of the source of the compensation.The court heard Mc Leod was someone who was 'clearly highly qualified' for her role and she would have been aware of the victim's mental health problems.Ms Carter also said Mc Leod neglected the welfare of other service users to spend more time with the victim.Ms Carter said Mc Leod and the victim 'both understood it was wrong' and Mc Leod was concerned about her employment.She resigned from her role when the relationship was uncovered, while the man was moved to a different home.(3) A licensee shall only seek compensation that is reasonable for the physical therapy services delivered.

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