Nod32 not updating 2016

Fortunately, support of scaling via GPU thanks to that the monitor uses SST mode makes it possible that, in future, scaling by pixel duplication may be implemented on level of graphics-card driver — a corresponding proposal is already sent to n Vidia; there are also topics at official forums of Ge Force and AMD.after the topic has been created), a long-awaited comment by an official n Vidia’s representative has been posted; the comment says that n Vidia developers are considering implementing non-blurry scaling in their graphics driver.

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Many Windows applications are incompatible with Hi DPI (High-DPI) modes ().

For some applications, this is solvable by disabling DPI virtualization (automatic scaling by raster interpolation) in properties of executable file (via the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” checkbox).

Known users of ESET NOD32 Threat Sense technology developed for artificial intelligence components, greatly improving the ability of independent detection by new threats.

Users who know the program NOD32 also appreciate the speed of the new package.

And all this can do it automatically, without having to worry about manually updating your database.

But quiet, that filters also can be customized if you so prefer.

Unlike the 2014’s UP2414Q model, the new P2415Q model supports full refresh rate of 60 Hz via Display Port interface without using the -powered scaling of signal with resolution different from native monitor resolution does work — this was impossible with UP2414Q.

So, as expected based on the leaked user manual, the P2415Q monitor uses the The monitor supports proportional hardware scaling of resolutions different from the native display resolution — to enable this, choose the “Auto Resize” item in “Display” → “Aspect Ratio” in the monitor’s menu.

In Windows 7, when 200% scale (zoom) is chosen, there is an unpleasant bug — search field in Explorer window gets very wide while location bar gets very narrow, and it is the free author’s program Explorer Hi Dpi Fix allows to work around this bug of Windows 7’s Explorer.

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