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So it looked like progress when on March 27th representatives from all three governments donned hard hats and picked up sledgehammers to launch the West Don Lands project, the first step in a plan to reclaim the 800-hectare (2,000 acres) waterfront for the city over the next 30 years.“One big happy family,” quipped John Baird, the treasury minister in the Conservative federal government, as he put his arm around David Caplan, the infrastructure minister in Ontario's Liberal provincial government, while the mayor, David Miller, a New Democrat, looked on. For almost a century, commissions, governments and civic groups have expounded their vision for the waterfront.The situation - yesterday en route to a wedding in uber glamourous Widnes there was, unsurprisingly, heavy Friday commuter traffic.

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DRIVE into the centre of Toronto from the airport, and the sight that greets you is a mess.

What ought to be an attractive asset for Canada's largest city, its 29-mile (46km) waterfront along Lake Ontario, is blocked off by a tangle of 19th-century railway lines, an ugly elevated motorway dating from the 1950s, and a line of tower blocks.

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All that Leslie Woo, who advises the mayor on the waterfront, would say is that the minister “didn't dismiss the possibility”.

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If peace has finally broken out it may be because of public pressure.

That has been stimulated partly by the recent completion of several buildings by well-known international architects, such as an art-gallery addition by Frank Gehry.

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