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How to set up stable injection, extrusion process, etc.? To validate an injection mold, there are numerous items one must take into consideration before the mold is completed and work is ready to begin.Involving everyone early on in the process and keeping them informed throughout the building of the mold avoids needless complications.Working these issues beforehand can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to follow this process.

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Parts are programmed using a CAD model and 2D print ahead of time, allowing parts to be built in parallel.

Nondestructive scanning allows internal features to be measured and analyzed without damage to the article.

A part is analyzed to determine its overall dimensional accuracy.

Two parts are overlaid, compared, and analyzed for similarities and differences.

It is also the purpose of the injection mold validation procedure to establish a mold processing-window for the injection mold.

This document provides a detailed description of the steps which will deliver the types of results a validation process is designed for.

For repeat molds of the same design (beta molds), the target should be three days.

Purpose: The purpose of the injection mold validation procedure is to identify a capable mold-process which will achieve key part dimensions and tolerances.

Once all the suppliers have been identified it is vital that they are all given training on the injection mold validation procedure, IMVP.

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