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It can be a perfectly normal business or charitable organization, a theatrical group, political activist organization (more here), restaurant, newspaper, even a rock band.

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It is just as likely to turn up disguised as motivational seminars for business -- also known as human potential or large group awareness training.

(More here.) You might find it in encounter groups or other forms of therapy, or just about anything else, including between friends, and within families.

Write me a letter if you don't understand, or if you need more information about any part of this article. There is a behavior pattern which can be found in many situations in everyday life -- religion, business, school, creative arts.

(If you went through these experiences because you were multiple -- or were subjected to them by someone who was or claimed to be multiple -- read this, and then read Multi-Specific Abuse by Rogan of L. It is a kind of toxic manipulation, and the people who do it are sometimes called malignant narcissists or charismatic manipulators.

They also convinced some non-multiple clients that they were multiple -- leading to the False Memory Syndrome debacle.

People took advantage of this, saying it "proved" multiple personality and claims of child abuse weren't real.

(President Bush used trance logic a lot -- for instance, "mission accomplished".) Many things that are said or done "in context" are actually a part of trance logic.

Watch out for crediting events -- be they an unexpected raise at work or a flat tire -- to magic or ESP or "positive thinking" when you know that what happened is simply an ordinary event.

You do not have to be hypnotized to be affected by trance logic. If you've been up for thirty-six hours praying, saving the universe, trying to "get through", or seeing a 'friend' through a crisis, it will be harder to make rational decisions about other things.

When you are not getting enough sleep you are much more susceptible to trance logic, and simply not thinking straight, and it becomes easier for other people to manipulate your emotions.

These are individuals, and organizations led by individuals, who use others for their own purposes, attracting followers to what is popularly known as a cult mentality. And, yes, there is such a thing as a cult of one person -- it especially happens in families.

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