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The demands this places on a good hearted premed student like myself can be astronomical. I know you're busy these days, off in the world of 4th year vacationing.The whole idea of relationships in medical school has become much more daunting than I could have ever imagined. But, if you could find it in your heart to shed some light on this matter, then I propose a Guide on How to Date a Medical School Student.... Why anyone would want to date someone like this is utterly beyond me…but then again you people keep telling me that reading my nonsensical ranting makes you want to go to medical school even more, so maybe I’ve just been overestimating you all along.Butch Comegys / Staff Photographer Story by Frank BUTCH COMEGYS / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine student Abbi Woll, 26, of Danville, celebrates with champagne during Friday’s Match Day.

Similarly, I have received numerous awards from this and other work, as well as getting honors in much of my medical school coursework. Conversation is flowing naturally, even if he seems a little arrogant.

My extracurricular activities include working at a homeless shelter and being the president of the Radiology interest group. I was just about to say the same thing about myself...except I graduated from Brown and my lab is focused on solid malignancies! Then the steak arrives, and he proceeds to pick up his knife and fork in a careful manner before delicately dissecting the steak from the bone and attempting to reveal vascular structures.

No time for others, no time for yourself, no time for exercise, no time for sleep, no time for sex (umm.... Anyways, perhaps the best way to provide advice on this topic is to simply establish whether you are romantically compatible with a medical student in the first place, and let everything else in dating fall where it may once compatibility has been established.

So sit back, relax, take this simple little quiz, and see how you rate.

And maybe, just maybe, send me some naked pictures of yourself just in case.

(Still shameless after all these years.)Directions: Read the scenarios below and choose the response you most agree with.

He appears a little nervous so you decide to open up the conversation by asking him to tell you a little about himself. I want to rub it all over my body before having my way with you, you sexy, sexy future doctor."D. Because if I didn't know better I'd say you just read off the damn thing. Or did you even put down ‘Big Fucking Loser, 1981 – present’?

He quickly responds in rapid-fire speech, "Well, I graduated from Yale Summ Cum Laude with degrees in Biology and Chemistry before starting medical school two years ago. I started my research projects at Yale investigating the molecular basis of hematological malignancies, and have since continued with this work in a lab investigating these diseases from a DNA-focused level. ”You are out to dinner with a dashing young medical student, and you notice that he orders steak (you, being a woman, order a salad just so he doesn't think you are a fat pig - as an aside, let me just say that yes, ladies, it's pretty clear early on whether or not you are swine inclined before you order the salad so you might as well just eat what you want anyways, especially since the rest of the dinner is going to be spent with this loser medical student..I digress).

SCRANTON — A Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning playwright and a renowned furniture designer are among the winners of the 2018 Governor’s Awards for the Arts, which will be given in the Electric City this summer.

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