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The Franco illo was colorized by “Buck Cub.” Anyway, these two artistic masterminds are my all-time favorite artists in this bun-blazing M-M spanking genre.

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Or you can always hit me up directly using a newly added feature, the super e-z “Contact Mr. To get you in the mood, below are some pix I’m re-posting of naughty Nick learning a memorable lesson at Real Male Spankings.

Spank This is looking hawt AF, so stay tuned for a fanny-flaming feature on this latest hot spank update called “Intervention,” starring Jeff Sterne and Nicholas Romero. They also just posted some NEW updates, so check this site out.

On a side-note, Helix Studios’ Spank This sizzling twink spank site is now updating weekly(! and I can barely keep up with all the cherry red hotness!

I’m naked and bent over the lap of a 72-year-old bald man named “Dr. Don says spanking’s therapeutic benefits include…Naturally, spanking started out as a hobby for Dr. “I enjoyed spanking and began doing it for fun,” he says.

You missed the bonding between father and son, but I can provide you with something else: Discipline with a good ol’ fashioned spanking.

To be clear, this isn’t for a sexual connection, but the real experience of being spanked. “People who have spanked for as many years as I have are considered doctors of their trade,” he reasons. Don explains he’s a “Spankologist,” or an expert in adult male spanking.He told me that this was what I deserve for being a dumb slut that doesn’t do what he asks over Facetime.He stretched out my prostate so fucking much, i’m hardly able to sit down right now.When we were done, he put 0 down on my desk and said, ‘I’m a married man.

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