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Tony was unpopular with the rest of the residents in Coronation Street when he commissioned development for flats in the area, and also killed a colony of bats.

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Tony arrived in Coronation Street as the owner of a clothing firm, giving a contract to Carla Connor and her brother-in-law Liam, owners of the underwear factory Underworld.

However, he was more interested in Carla than the business.

Tony witnessed his father die of a heart attack, but did nothing to help and just left him to die, believing his mother was better off without him.

Some years later, Tony met his first wife Lindsey but they got divorced in 2006, although she believed Tony would come back to her.

Tony planned on expanding Underworld and offered to buy The Kabin off Rita Sullivan, she started to like the idea.

Tony also tried to buy Websters' Auto Centre garage, but Kevin Webster refused and took an instant dislike to Tony.

Anthony "Tony" Gordon was a Scottish businessman and co-owner of Underworld between 2008 to 2010.

He was married to Carla Connor and was responsible for murdering her ex brother-in-law Liam Connor after finding out about an affair they had while engaged.

Tony held Liam in his arms while the other men called an ambulance, and told him "the best man lost".

Tony dumped Liam's wallet in the canal later that night after taking money out of it.

Jed also returned to the Street when Emily Bishop gave him a room at her home. When Maria suspected Tony had murdered Liam after seeing the video of Liam and Carla kissing, and discovering Tony knew about the affair, she tried to convince everyone he killed Liam.

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