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They are as follows: Federal legislation and state rules for special education clearly define the school system’s responsibility to provide assistive technology devices and services to students with disabilities.

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As defined in IDEA, an assistive technology service is: Any service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition, and use of an assistive technology device. For some students, appropriate assistive technology devices are identified through an evaluation which the IDEA specifies must be conducted in the student’s customary environment.

After, a device has been selected to meet the student’s needs, the next step or “service” is to actually provide the assistive technology device for the student’s use.

Information on considering assistive technology needs of students with disabilities is found in subsequent sections of this document. 1414 (d)(a)) This section clearly mandates that if the IEP team determines that a particular student requires an assistive technology device and/or service, the IEP must include a statement regarding assistive technology must be included in the IEP.

Section 300.346 also addresses the documentation of assistive technology in the IEP. Information on considering assistive technology needs and documenting assistive technology devices and services in the IEP is provided in subsequent sections of this manual.

When determining assistive technology needs, IEP teams should consider commercially available solutions that may be used “as is” or ones that can be modified to meet the student’s unique needs.

In some situations, it may be necessary to construct a device to meet the student’s needs.

After the device has been obtained, and if appropriate, modified, all appropriate individuals should be trained in the use of the device and the device should be made available for the student’s use across instructional settings as needed. 1401(1), 1401(26)(B)) Back to Top Section 300.105 clearly states that the school system is responsible for addressing assistive technology when it is required as a part of the student’s special education services, related services, or supplementary aids and services.

Prior to IDEA 2004, there was some discussion as to whether a school system was responsible for the maintenance, programming, and replacement of surgically implanted assistive technology devices such as cochlear implants and whether or not these would be considered assistive technology. 1401(1), 1401(26)(B)) Although the school system, under the present legislation, is not responsible for maintaining, programming, and replacing surgically implanted assistive technology devices, the IDEA states that the system does have a responsibility to ensure that the external components of these devices are functioning properly. Use of school provided assistive technology is not limited to the school setting.

A range of assistive technology devices are available.

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