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Silvestrini is identified as one of the characters in the book, which is based on an unrelated novel by Margaret Mitchell.

He is also mentioned in Windswept House, a novel by Catholic priest and theologian, Malachi Martin.

In 2007, Silvestrini was thought to have been the real author behind the book Confessions of a Cardinal, a book critical of Pope Benedict XVI, which claims to pave the way for a post-benedictine era in the Curia.

Just as the year was ending, tragedy struck again: 248 American service personnel, returning from a peacekeeping stint in the Middle East, were killed when their charter jet crashed on takeoff from Gander, Newfoundland.

President Reagan went to Fort Campbell, Kentucky to comfort the surviving families and friends …President Ronald Reagan: "We wonder at the stark tragedy of it all, for lost were not only the 248, but all of the talent, the wisdom and the idealism that they had accumulated.

The firm originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the practice of John G. The Brookville office was opened at Landmark Square in Brookville, Pennsylvania in the spring of 1982 and moved to its present location, a Victorian structure in Downtown Historic Brookville, in 1985.

Dennis Daly: 1985 will be remembered as the deadliest year in the history of commercial aviation.

In 1988 Silvestrini was rewarded for his service with a cardinal's hat, and three years later he became Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.

In 1999 Silvestrini was the papal representative to the funeral of King Hussein of Jordan. When the earliest speculation as to who would succeed John Paul II began in the middle 1990s, Silvestrini was a popular choice among liberal observers because he was seen as a man in the more moderate style of Paul VI rather than John Paul's hardline style.

Under Pope Paul VI, he continued as administrative secretary to Jean-Marie Villot, and his experience was welcomed by John Paul after he became Pope in 1978.

Silvestrini became titular Archbishop of Novaliciana on and was consecrated by two other figures who were to play important administrative roles in John Paul's long papacy - Eduardo Martínez Somalo and Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy.

Achille Silvestrini (born October 25, 1923, Brisighella, Italy) was one of the most prominent Vatican diplomats during the long reign of John Paul II.

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