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Fridman listed three cars - a 2013 Land Rover, a 2013 Maserati Quattro and a 2014 G440 Mercedez - worth a total 4,128, in legal documents.In a section asking about interest in personal items, he listed ,000 worth of household goods and furnishings and 0 in clothes, but claimed to have no electronics, sports equipment, jewelry, or collectibles.He did say, however, he was owed 3,267 from a claim for damages to a rental property.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick had a home on Prado De Las Peras, just down the street from Fridman, before listing it in 2014.

Despite filing for bankruptcy, Fridman featured expensive cars in his assets and saw thousands of dollars deposited into bank accounts in 2017.

He has helped the Kardashian-Jenners land real estate deals since 2013, and even teamed up with Scott Disick for a house-flipping show last year, which has yet to air.

The real-estate agent was even recently hired to sell the home that was regularly featured as the exterior of Kris Jenner's property in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Months after filing his initial bankruptcy documents, he requested to stay at his property on Prado Del Maiz, which he shared ownership with his mother, Isidora Fridman, who is also his business partner.

He listed two properties in the case as 'single family homes which were underwater and were not producing income.'Later in the case, Fridman used his Prado De Las Peras property as collateral in the documents in hopes of saving him from bankruptcy.

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Fridman countered the claims saying the tuition payments were pre-bankruptcy filing, he didn't know he was committing fraud, and called his payments to his father 'ordinary course of business in connection with a loan my father made to me'.'Trojan's Motion makes numerous allegations without citing any case law that would support its position even assuming its allegations were accurate and would support the dismissal of this Chapter 11 case,' Fridman's lawyers wrote in legal documents.

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