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R106 Really so how do you explain the fact that he has been pictured deepthroating an openly gay guy and that he has been showing up at White Collar primieres with Simon as his date? While I have no idea if Jake is straight or gay, it would increases even more speculation on his sexuality.And even furhter, do you know one straight guy who refuses to answer a question about his sexuality? I know you fan girls love the guy but your shaky defence of his heterosexuality is just pathetic. Maybe they are putting this out to buffer any consequence of Austin coming out.Hayden Christen secretly wanted that title, but Star Wars is over now. Jian Ghomeshi Dany Bedar Sidney Crosby Tyson Beckford? I've heard straight asshole stories about him, not that that means much. We at the pr frim have a good chuckle at this one, but we get why you would hope he might be. His supposed "boyfriend" Simon is a nice guy, he has two kids, but no longer with their mother, his ex longterm girlfriend. And any publicist worth his salt would have had Bomer do what every straight actor does when asked if they're gay -- to say "no." Straight actors have no problem telling the truth when that's it. You'd also know about Diesel, Christensen, and Eads. His publicist refused to respond to several sources saying he's gay.

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He is known for being fiercly private but suddenly he is constanly talking about his gf Leslie, talking about his reasons for joining the theatre was to meet girls, and I have seen some pics from Iron Man 2 primiere where him and his girlfriend PDA antics makes Heidi and Spencer's seem subdued.

I am not saying Sam is gay but someone has definetly been telling him to kick his relationship and consequent heterosexuality into full gear.

Not that they're all gay, of course, but anything that's put out about them needs to be seen in that light. NOT saying he has not been with men, I just do know plenty of affairs he has had with women.

Their real lives or personalities likely bear little to no resemblance. Poor SJP, I wonder why she stays with him.r88 Matthew is well known in theater circles as being bi-sexual. Another known fact is that MB has always been attracted to women he works with, no secret there at all. Hey, it must work since he and SJP have been together a long time.

Zac Efron is going to replace Tom Cruise as Hollywood's most parodied actor, for being in the closet.

Waiting for the South Park, "Zac Efron in the closet" episode now..... In real life, the guys I'm attracted to turn out to be straight. Kenny Chesney Josh Bell Jeremy Denk John Gallagher Jr. If you were at a "PR firm" -- because that makes you omniscient -- in some way that gave you any insight at all, you'd know that Bomer is gay.

However, if they're merely a "guest star," that can often give them the freedom to work on other projects if they want to.

Occasionally, you even see a "Special Guest Star" credit on a .

Like there are some male stars who don't seem interested at all in women, even their gfs. he has a happy live, meeting girls, casually dating them and being very respectful to theirs and his privacy. If Matt Bomer were straight, he'd have a girlfriend or there'd be clear evidence that he did have one. He's gay.r42, I don't believe you about Matt Bomer. You are some idiot straight chick trying to hold on to your fantasy about Tyson. So if a guy sucks cock and has ten kids with one woman, he's gay and not bi??

It might be unnoticeable to other people but it's recognizable if you've been there. Even some of his biggest fans can see it is not real. Y'all at your firm are having "a good chuckle" about him - is he your client then? Anyone who says that Matt Bomer is straight cannot be take seriously. Why can it be that a guy can prefer a hetero lifestyle but likes to suck an occasional cock? There have been a few rumors about him and his gayness was mentioned in one book like two years ago.

How exactly someone can "guest star" in a production that doesn't have a regular cast is left as an exercise to the reader.

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