Internet dating for idiots

The Ohio lawsuit against IMBRA was dropped by Plaintiff American Online Dating Association (AODA) an ad hoc group of mom and pops along with industry giant AFA, who retreated under fire from Tahirih lawyers who promised to abuse the litigation process with financially ruinious discovery.

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Three-quarters of a million dollars of tax money annually can buy a lot of hatred toward American men and foreign women.shocking and false news. Sam Brownback and Tahirih get idiot reporter Susie Hodges to tell foreign listeners that the American men who seek wives abroad are mostly serial rapists.

ODR has demanded equal time but the Vatican told us to go to Hell.

They had an actor and actress pose as a couple where the woman was beating on the man calling him a no-good creep of a husband..159 out of 163 passersby, including a policeman, did nothing!

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IMBRA was developed over several years in secret by US Senator Maria Cantwell*, D, WA, Sen.

Sam Brownback, R, KS, NOW and Tahirih Justice Center, a knee-jerk feminist group startup whose sexist director claims that American men seeking to date or marry foreign women “are often sexual predators, rapists or even pedophiles…many are premeditated torturers.” The law was hidden behind another bill and passed in a 2005 Christmas rush.Opponents of a man's right to meet foreign women online never stop to consider how enjoyable it is to travel/work/live abroad and learn new cultures and languages while seeking a marriage partner.READ A BRILLIANT ANALYSIS AND DEBUNKING OF 1999 INS STUDY, THE SCHOLES REPORT.No hearings were held on this law, and no international dating companies or mens’ groups were allowed any input into its development.Even though one purpose of the law as stated by Sen.On Vatican Radio broadcast worldwide you stated that most men who marry women abroad are "serial rapists".

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