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At the judges' home the girls performed "Impossible" by Shontelle.

In 2014, Fifth Harmony began recording songs for their debut album.

That year, the first two singles from the album, BO$$ and Sledgehammer, were released.

She was in a relationship with singer Austin Mahone in 2014. She first auditioned for the producers part of the audition and got the call back saying that she will audition for the judges as an alternative, meaning that if after the show if they were to have time then she would be able to audition, After the show Camila was ready to sing for the judges, but then the producers told her that there was not any time left, and she started to cry. T.." She stated though that when she isn't singing, all she does is sing karaoke and watch One Direction videos.

Then she saw Simon and asked him if she could audition, and he said yes. They showed this small portion in the Finals episode.

It has been revealed that they didn't show her audition because X Factor didn't have the rights to the song "R. She is also seen saying "I'm so jittery" in the beginning of the episode.

On her second boot camp task, she performs the song Your Song by Elton John against competitor Jordan Shane.

Known as the "funny one" in the group and for her jazzy-style vocals, Camila and the girls took on songs that allowed them to showcase their vocal abilities.

Despite LA Reid and Britney Spears not loving them as much as the other judges during the competition, the Fifth Harmony girls wowed the public enough to get voted through every week and had the support and confidence of their mentor Simon Cowell, who adored them and never had a problem telling them how proud he was of them.

Upon finishing third on the show, Camila and the other girls signed with Syco Music and Epic Records and went on several tours before releasing their debut EP, after which two albums soon followed before Camila decided to follow her heart and leave the group.

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