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It came to my mind that the pickle looked like a long, curved, green-alien cock.My finger moved in lazy circles inside the warm vaginal cavity.

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She opened the jar and pulled out one of the long, fat, green, sour-pickles.

With them resting on her belly I buried my face in the silky-soft warmth of her freshly washed blonde curls.

I watched as she jiggled her sweet ass across the floor and opened the door to the fridge.

Meggie brought the jar back to the table and stood beside me.

When she turned to face me, it grew fully engorged.

They went to see an X-rated one, so they didnt let me go.I couldnt even tell if the color of her bush matched the color of her tangled-blonde hair.I now desperately needed to reach down and move it to a more comfortable position inside my pants.Finally, I spoke, Meggie, Im sorry I came in like this.Meggie giggled and replied with humor in her voice, I didnt hear you knocking, but even if I had I dont usually answer the door when Im strip-stark-naked like I am now.Two days ago, I had gone next door to return my sisters book of recipes.

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