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Many turned to traditional online dating websites, but found it difficult to connect with people looking for a similar type of arrangement.

And so Ashley Madison was created as the first website that was open and honest about what you could find there: like-minded people looking for married dating.

But what if you could make those moments happen yourself?

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Everyone has different reasons for joining a dating site like Ashley Madison, but they are united in a desire to seek out real, discreet connections.

No matter your reason, circumstances, or what you're looking for, you'll find what's missing at Ashley Madison.

Originally designed specifically for married men and women looking to have extramarital affairs in the most discreet way possible, it has since evolved to be so much more.

Ashley Madison today is about so much more than infidelity.

Message members in your destination city ahead of time to mix business with pleasure. We count down the hours instead of enjoy our time and we long for something more, but in the end we are left with the mundane, boring, everyday activities that make up our lives. A fleeting glance, an accidental touch, a returned smile: these moments show us a glimpse of something different, something more.

We think about them and what they could mean for us, the path not taken and the life not lived.

ELAN also aims to boost the opportunities that both markets offer for European and Latin American SMEs, through two interdependent strategies: The ELAN Network is a space for collaboration, co-generation and development of technology based business opportunities between Europe and Latin America.

The Short Version: Slashdot hosts a community of knowledgeable tech professionals coming together to discuss and debate the latest tech news. Stuff that matters,” and that’s exactly what the newsfeed delivers.

What began as an undergrad’s tongue-in-cheek project in 1997 soon became a worldwide sensation in the tech world.

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