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Casters are a great addition to antique chairs because they help protect the chair legs and keep them in good shape.

When chairs are dragged across the floor it can cause the joints between the legs and the seats to become loose. The added height and swivel mobility also provides additional flexibility to furniture. Dragging chair legs can scrape hardwood floors, but wheeled casters will not.

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One of the mysteries of the universe to me is “Why do so many 20th century pieces of furniture have wheels or casters on them?

” A clue of sorts can be found in the generic name of many early 20th century items, those that are known as “Colonial Revival.” These pieces are modern replays of generally 18th century North American furniture originals, which in their own right often owe their existence to earlier European styles, but that’s another story.

After only a few trips around the room, cases need to be repaired because drawers no longer fit and doors don’t work due the torqueing of the main body.

The long-term results of casters in beds is even more apparent.

But that still leaves metal sleeves in the legs to rust on your carpet or scratch your tile or wood floors and removing the sleeves is not quite as easy a removing the wheels, especially if they have rusted in place a little.

The simple way to removal is to drive a wide-bladed screwdriver into the sleeve (be careful not to get carried away and split the leg) and turn the screwdriver using a wrench or vice-grips.

If that fails, use an electric drill with a 3/8-inch bit to slowly start the sleeve moving and it should come out. After the sleeve is out glue a 3/8-inch dowel in the hole, trim it flush with the leg and install a nylon tip in the end of the dowel. Now the temptation to “grocery cart” a nice piece of furniture has been removed and it will be much happier in the long run. His book “How To Be a Furniture Detective” is available for .95 plus S&H.

Two excellent books on furniture of the 20th century are “Colonial Revival Furniture,” Linquist/Warren, Wallace-Homestead, 1993 and “Furniture of the Depression Era,” Swedberg, Collector Books, 1987. Also available is Fred and Gail Taylor’s DVD, “Identification of Older & Antique Furniture,” ( S&H) and a bound compilation of the first 60 columns of “Common Sense Antiques by Fred Taylor” ( S&H).

And each little loosening makes every other joint a little looser. A 20th century dining table always has a height of 29 1/2 inches to 30 1/2 inches, without exception.

This is also standard writing surface height and a variation of even an inch or two is very noticeable.

The sleeve should break loose inside and start to spin.

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