Dating a virgo man taurus woman

By Brian Palenske Our Taurus Woman and Virgo Man compatibility rating is 9.The elements match and the qualities complement each other.You know that feeling when someone is exposing a side of yourself, that you’ve not even seen yourself before?

You hear these two signs as ‘soulmates’, but it’s a spiritual connection based on a lot more tangibility and practical limits being surpassed, not ‘soulmates’ in the airy fairy sense.

They find a soul connection in the sense of discovering the unknown together, undiscovered territory they never knew they had in one another – and territory not so easily trusted to anyone else before, or after having met one another.

Her houses of lovers (5th) overlaps his house of self-image (1st) she has a lot more control over moulding him into a new man, and a new lover, than he’s probably ready to admit – even to himself, let alone her. The repeated theme here is they can wind up trusting the world people (in her eyes: anyone besides trusting one another is ‘the wrong person’) and ruin a good thing, possibly beyond forgiveness.

Patience is required and you probably will both screw it up in many ways, but you can get through those moments and forgive, provided you’re willing to cut out the pretense.

Cut out the lectures, and trying too hard to seem like you have answers to everything – you don’t.

Not when the stakes are this high, and you’ve revealed this much more to your personalities, in each other’s company.Ever encountered a Virgo man, surely the very first impression of him would be – “less cautious and ignorant”.But please don’t get misguided he is actually not ignorant neither cautious, it’s just that he is very practical in his life so expecting romance is foolishness. A Taurus woman on the other hand is of an indomitable courage and unbreakable emotional strength.You have one sign that is willing to use (Taurus) and another more than willing to be used (Virgo).Where she takes pleasure, he takes pleasure in serving.Also a Virgo male is very much closer to his work, family and friends. Also a woman with impropriety and rudeness turns him off. She doesn’t have an emotional range of tea spoon, and can bear severest of problems, a perfect companion for Virgo man.

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