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The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that a permanent (full-time) legislative employee who voluntarily reduces his or her work schedule to less than 40 hours and uses compensatory, vacation and/or personal time to cover the remaining hours is not part-time for purposes of an exemption to the outside employment restrictions under General Statutes 1-84 (d) and, therefore, may not make use of the exemption.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that the prohibition in General Statutes 1-97 (c) (2)which bars a lobbyist from attempt[ing] to influence any legislative or administrative action for the purpose of thereafter being employed to secure its defeatis violated only if there is evidence (be it direct or circumstantial) of a lobbyists make-work intent at the time he or she attempts to influence such action (i.e., intent to be employed afterward to secure its defeat).

Disclaimer: The Advisory Opinions published here are for the convenience of the public only.

While every effort is made to assure accuracy, the public is advised that only the original Opinion on file at the Office of State Ethics and the publication of the Opinion in the Connecticut Law Journal are official.

a state legislator who is a respondent in a proceeding before the Freedom of Information Commission is there in his or her official capacity as a public agency therefore, he or she may accept State-provided legal representation without violating the Ethics that a Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Health (DPH) may serve on the Board of Trustees of the Tobacco and Health Trust Fund, even though DPH is soliciting funds from that entity for its programs; and that the Ethics Code does not mandate that she recuse herself from taking official action as a Board member relating to DPHs proposals, provided that such action would not affect her financial interests or those of certain family members.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that a legislator who is a co-chair of the Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee could accept payment of subsistence expenses only (e.g., standard travel, lodging, meals) from a local private university in order for her to give a keynote addressin her personal capacityat an overseas conference co-sponsored by the university.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that a former assistant attorney general did not participate personally and substantially in a particular health care fraud matter while in state service and is thus not barred by General Statutes 1-84b (a) from representing a private client in that matter before the Department of Social Services.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that because the award was given to the state employee for her overall job performance (rather than for her performance of any specific tasks in her state job), she may accept it, in accordance with Advisory Opinion 92-1, provided that she was not involved in the selection process, and that the award was neither established or funded by persons regulated by, doing business with, or seeking to do business with her state employer.

Any postdoctoral experience requirements that do not overlap with the established state job duties must be performed outside of the employee's regular state work hours.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that, under General Statutes 1-79 (e) (5), the gift to the state provision, the Department of Banking could accept a cash contribution from an outside source that would be deposited into a Department account and used to pay for expenses associated with its annual Securities Forum, including paying for Department employees to travel to and attend the state event.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that the expenditures made by the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering to administer a Fellowship Program to the General Assembly do not trigger lobbyist registration and services provided by Fellows under the Fellowship Program constitute a permissible gift to the state.

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