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My current boyfriend has never had issues with the time commitment (I'm speaking mostly from when I was still in school and most of my free time was with my GLO), he's always been supportive mostly understanding.

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It might be easier for people who are both greek but to me when u are ME PHI ME like I am and involved with someone who is greek, Is Very Hard. Personally, I don't find greek men any different from non-greek men.

However, I can say that I feel that it is a little bit easier to date a greek men as far as his understanding my commitment to my sorority goes.

The GDI's I've dated were always supportive of my involvement with Delta Phi Epsilon and greek life in general.

I guess the disadvantage to dating someone not in the Greek system is if they have a negative view of greeks and refuse to change their mind even after dating you.

The only difference is that they now have 3 letters across their chest.

Both Greeks and non Greeks (the ones I know and have affiliated myself with) have problems with commitment especially while still in college or immediately after crossing.As for the groupies, it's up to the member to keep them in check.If you know you have a boyfriend or girlfriend (yes, sororities have groupies too) it's your responsibility to control yourself around them and make them aware the you're in a relationship and you're not going to have any foolishness.Carla From my experience, (duh, who else's experience would I be talking about) yes, it is different being greek and dating a man/woman who is greek as opposed to being a non-greek dating a greek.There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being greek that a non-greek may not understand or even like.I feel as if some men are going to act immature regardless if he is in a FRAT or not.

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