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Once you’ve read the blog about „How to behave in the Netherlands”, you are ready to go out on a date with a Dutch guy or girl. Start your looking-for-love-adventure very close; How about that geeky classmate?

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Dating a dutch guy Typ sex chat

I also just noticed most of the time women will have to approach the man at a bar/club...which, is a bit different.

Well, it makes sense from a man's point of view.

If you haven’t spotted your potential lover after you have visited these bars, or you lack the time to go in between your research projects, it is not rare to look for a date online nowadays.

One of the most famous applications in the Netherlands used for dating (and other purposes of course) is “Tinder”.

I don't think this topic has been touched on here..I'm curious.

Recently met a Dutch guy, and, based on former research, he does meet many of the "typical" dutch dating stereotypes.

My best advice: don't do anything differently than you would normally do, no matter what culture you're dating.

If you compromise too much right off the bat with anyone you won't be happy in the long run.

: But then, when it comes to personal relationships… Here in the Netherlands, you have to figure it out yourself. But someone else is also waiting for prince charming, so move your ass!

Get out of your small nightclub and mix with people… Because I know there's a heart somewhere, down there...

What are the best and worst things about dating Dutch gays? Another good thing is that you never have to worry they will be late really.

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