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Its two main issues for me were that there was no animation for the death sequence (which is something the author planned on doing).

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Since they may also prevent death, they would prevent bleedout HP from decreasing and hence, prevent any of the quest from starting.

for the PC makes it impossible to be one-shotted by powerful enemies.

This mod is my attempt at providing a fun and semi-realistic way of handling defeat without reload.

It provides enough incentive to think about engaging in combat and deepens survival mods (food requirement, cold survival, etc.) by requiring a downtime to recover from your wounds. The first thing is that it adds a bleedout state to the character.

These events are configurable and expandable with the framework features of Death Alternative.

Modders can easily add their own quests and events.

A few generic encounters can happen when you wake up.

A random adventurer could offer some assistance or a random brigand could take advantage of the situation and steal some of your gear (if not already stolen).

Once your HP reaches zero, you enter bleedout mode.

In that state, you are on the ground, unable to take any direct action but you are not defeated yet as long as your bleedout HP pool isn't depleted.

Again, the goal is not to make the player invulnerable in all cases, it is to include stories of defeat as well as those of victories to your personal story, increasing the RP element of Skyrim..

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