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This now-famous cuckolding video ends with Traci getting a load in her pussy, then squatting over her subserviant husband as the cum dribbles onto his face and into his mouth. She says, "I loved the fucking I got," and then informs her husband as he licks her well-creamed pussy, that from now on this is the sex life she wants. You'll enjoy this video as much as Traci and her husband had making it!

Hotwife Traci returns for another interracial gangbang adventure.

There isn't a sex position or angle we don't see as Kacey and her lover put on a show Rafael will never forget.

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This black man's whore really is an actual total slut for huge hung black studs! She wrote in, got accepted as a model, and made this video.

Cuckold 4 is composed of three segments; each begins with an interview of Carol about how she was attracted to the idea of cuckolding her husband, and how it's now a part their sex lives.

I have a serious crush on this cuckolding wife: slim bod, B-cup titties, big soulful eyes.

She has a wonton desire to fuck black cock, and wants to make a video of it as a keepsake!

What Rafael doesn't know, but we get to see, is that Kacey is getting the fucking of her life - much better than anything Rafael has ever done.

This slender blonde with killer titties slobbers all over her prize.

Of course there are plenty of times she's got more that one cock in her. Not ever." After the guys are done, Traci arrives home and finds her husband in bed.

According to the producers - and I believe them - "The orgasms you see in this interracial gangbang video are REAL! She tells him she is full of cum as she sits down on his face. That's the case with Carol, a 21 year-old newlywed who became interested in becoming a cuckolding wife with a black lover when she ran across the producer's web site.

In the third segment Diane's husband is present, and at first is not too keen on what he's seeing, which is a massive dick pumping in and out of his petite wife; her pussy lips strain with each stroke, and he can see pink he never knew existed. So it should come as no surprise that when Kacey gets the chance to have some black wood, she jumps at the chance.

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