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Also there a few things that I am having increasing harder time ignoring. The absolute need to be separate hurts any idea of community outreach and caring for others(which I want to be part of) 2.I fall asleep reading KJV and am a closet ESV reader. I don’t hate other people for being gay or catholic. My tithes are being used to support a pastor and his family…I would teach, study, and pray with ANYone for free Anytime…When did this become a career? Our church is small but has several unused buildings that I can’t help but cry thinking of homeless people freezing outside.

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An unmarried woman in her mid-twenties brought before the congregation to be shamed for becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

A family ousted from the church for being eccentric (I guess bringing a goat to a nursing home is a bit eccentric) and challenging the pastor.

Thankfully God used the church to save me, but now I need some advice about the church.. I have learned alot there and am beginning to get into a bus ministry thing(talked into it).

But like you I cannot help but notice some things That I absolutely need in a church, are missing.

I left once to try other churches and was kinda talked into coming back to give it another try.

Now I am absolutely certain that this church is just another legalistic institution that promotes holding others to the standards of the law. But How can I leave people who will be hurt by my leaving?

I have tried showing different points of view, but if it doesn’t fit in with their view its evil.

I don’t want to sound like a pushover, but I generally like making people happy.

If I wrote one letter saying I love you to my mother and sent the same copy to my husband the message contains the same words but the words hold different meaning.

Hope this helps free someone's mind in some way bc then I feel I have done some of Gods true work by helping someone use Gods gift free will aka free thinking. Response to Cassandra on "memoirs of a Recovering Baptist "IFB" "Wow Cass thats amazing i had about 9 yrs under my belt before i had enough and started questioning stuff especially when i went through a divorce with my first wife, i am so glad God forgives and God understands divorce when adultery is involved, your story is so true.

Enjoy the beauty in life appreciate and above all LOVE Steve, thank you for this tremendous resource and for featuring my book, "Profaned Pulpit -- The Jack Schaap Story." His buddy Geronimo Aguilar, another deviant preacher, was sentenced to 60 years behind bars this week for following in Schaap's footsteps. I am a young, normal, married guy who within the last year found my relationship with God.

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