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The actual number of homicides in Greenfield was 14 during that time period.

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So did poverty — on average, farmworkers earn about $10,000 per year.

In the fields, the Indians often got paid less than other Latinos.

Beautify Greenfield kept count: 18 murders in seven years, 16 unsolved.

Grebmeier said those figures included some Greenfield residents killed in other cities.

And for the most part, federal immigration agents rarely conducted large sweeps in communities like Greenfield, populated by large numbers of undocumented farmworkers. Teachers encouraged indigenous parents to read to their kids and attend parent-teacher conferences, counsellors spoke about alcohol abuse, and nurses discussed diabetes. In 2009, when a Triqui man was arrested in Greenfield after sending his 14-year-old daughter to marry a neighbour in exchange for beer, meat and cash, the news exploded into a national media sensation.

Originally, the man faced charges of human trafficking and was accused of selling his daughter.

Greenfield's police chief Joe Grebmeier says he's an Anglo with a Mexican heart.

He once proclaimed that apartheid-like conditions were prevalent in the Salinas Valley and he would not tolerate them in Greenfield.

'If anybody were to say it's all because of the Oaxacans, they would be wrong,' Ortiz said.

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