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Having a life partner doesn’t mean forgetting your own stand.

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ESFPs appreciate interpersonal input a great deal, and are nearly as impacted by their friends’ thoughts of their dating partners as their own.

Because ESFPs are drawn to people who share their values, whether dating partners or friends, this may leave them in an echo chamber that just tells them what they desire to hear, reinforcing immature behaviors.

Find someone who realizes your difficulties and finds it okay because it will pass.

Don’t be with someone who is judgmental and one-sided and blatantly jumps to conclusions.

Those that have this personality type always have some new and thrilling recreation up their sleeves, and they truly appreciate investing each moment with their partners.

ESFPs delight in physical intimacy profoundly, and they show themselves loving, inquisitive, and open-minded lovers who desire to share pleasure with willing and reciprocative partners.

Remarkably emotional people, and sensitive, ESFPs react poorly to external “recommendations” regarding how to manage their love lives.

They react far worse if criticisms arrive from their partners, and attempting to remove emotions from the picture by telling ESFPs to “not take this personally” isn’t useful either.

Many of these tendencies can definitely come back to haunt individuals with the ESFP personality type down the road.

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