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But what if generosity was more than just gift-giving in the month of December?

What if it unleashed something unspeakably powerful deep inside you?

For your convenience, we have grouped these sermons under the category of The most influential book in human history is, without a doubt, the collected writings known as the Bible. That's what James Emery White's latest series, "Thru the Bible in 7 Weeks," is all about.

Over four weeks, James Emery White will take a look at each one - what made it go viral, and if the verse itself means what people think it means.

Message Manuscript - $4.00Message Audio Download - $2.00As we approach the celebration of Christmas, we have found that many pastors are requesting some of James Emery White's teachings from past years. But what if we could take a guided tour, walking through all 66 of its books, and helped to know how to dip into the most pivotal passages?

This series is a great opportunity to receive just that from a couple who have not simply gone the distance, but who are experiencing a marriage that is even more vibrant after three-and-a-half decades than ever.

James Emery White takes a look at the Christmas story from the perspective of the shepherds - a group who would have been considered the outcasts in society yet who were the first to hear the good news of the Messiah's birth.

In the series, "G-Force: Unleashing the Power of Generosity in Your Life," James Emery White will help you discover what God wants to do in and through even the smallest steps toward increasing this dynamic in your life.

Message Manuscript - .00Message Audio Download - .00Have you seen the latest viral video? Because that's what it means when something goes "viral." It spreads through social media so fast that millions are exposed in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Tweets can go viral, images can go viral, even...verses.Message Audio Download - .00It's no surprise that we associate the Christmas season with giving.Whether we're buying gifts or sending cards, the act of giving comes and goes with the holidays.Discover how the resurrection of a man that occurred more than 2,000 years ago can radically alter the course of your life. What is the one thing that would make the biggest difference in people's lives that we can bring to bear?Message Manuscript - .00Message Audio Download - .00Everyone wants to make a difference with their one and only life. What is the "maximum impact" that a human life can make?Studies have shown that four verses from the Bible went viral over the last twelve months.

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