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That only costs you the price of the sessions, provided you're willing to let Me sell the CDs afterwards. This means the untaxed sales price is LOWER for Canadian buyers, so that the total paid price is the same as for international clients (United States and the rest of the world). By law, I must charge sales tax to Canadian residents, which I pay to Revenu Canada and Revenu Quebec annually. , I must charge you a 5% Federal Sales Tax, and then an additional 7.5% Quebec Sales Tax on the taxed amount. So for your 0 US purchase, I should be charging you 2.88 US (putting 0 in my pocket, and giving .88 US to the government) Instead, I make your sales price .59 US.

However, I calculate it retroactively, instead of adding it on top of the sales price. Adding the 5% and 7.5% sales taxes to that, the total is 0 US.

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Wouldn't you like to HAVE IT ALL, and SAVE a few hundred DOLLARS?

Pay only $1249 instead of $1750 (save $500) So if *YOU NEED IT ALL* *Order Now* Click here for Reviews on the use of All CDs So you've left your CDs in the car, and had the car stolen. Description CD Entranse Utilise la méthode d'induction standard (mais plus lentement) en ajoutant la méthode spéciale pour les personnes très analytiques et verbales qui me donne un taux de succès de 98% en sessions.

Or decided you didn't want them anymore, and threw them in the trash, or turned them into abstract art. We will send you replacements of any previously ordered CD for 20$ each. TV, visit the product page on Lulu, or add to your Lulu shopping cart for immediate purchase of the dowloadable mp3. (If you can't understand this, you can't use it anyway).

Just specify the original 4 digit order number (or name on your credit card and approximate date of order) and which CDs you want replaced. - Forced feminization conditioning to wear makeup, bras and panties. Track 2 of this CD sets up the trigger words used in many later CDs. Track 3 can be skipped if only the trigger word training is desired.

8 tracks, 63 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction).

CD27 Description - Hypnosis demonstration video of Mind Mistress performing a sexy hypnotic transformation on a lady. Includes a bonus audio track of the radio show where it was filmed. CD31 Description - No matter what it is you craved to do, but didn't dare to do, Choices will make you do it, because if you don't, you'll lose control and act like a complete slut. CD33 Description , just like what shows up on your credit card statement. If your order is bigger, either a larger envelope will be used, or it will be split into two or more regular envelopes. Order any CDs you want, and then add faster delivery fees if desired.

You can either try again (which is the quickest solution), possibly with a different card, or ask what went wrong, giving us the time and date of purchase, and the name on your credit card.

We can check why the transaction was declined, but the error codes are generally pretty vague about the problem.

I pay .41 US to Revenu Canada and .59 US goes into my pocket.

When you click on the Add to Cart button, you get sent to the payment site, which allows you to pay by credit card or money order during the order process.

receiving your appointment date and time from Mind Mistress.

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