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We've got a bit of break - three or four full days off for the boys to do what they like. Amla c Paine b Pat Cummins 27(42) [4s-3]Pat Cummins to Amla, THAT'S OUT!! Lyon to Amla, FOUR, this time he gets it to the left of Marsh at backward point. Marsh was slow to bend down and did so lazily Pat Cummins to Amla, no run, fullish around off, Amla gets half-forward to block, the ball dies down near his feet Some issues with Amla's bat. Looks to pull, the extra bounce and the stick off the wicket forces the batsman to be in a soup. The ball strikes the pad on the move and the appeal is made from the keeper and skipper at slip.

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Gives someone like Gazza [Lyon] a bit of confidence. The ball was aired up outside off for the batsman to take the bait and he did. The ball takes off after landing on a length, the feet of Markram went no where and he still prodded at the ball. Amla drives and threads the ball through the covers between cover and mid-off for a four.

1-1 at the halfway point - makes for an exciting rest of the series. Cut from off stump to the quicker ball, dangerous with the ball skidding on, but Amla played it really well. Looks like the handle is loose and gone probably Pat Cummins to Amla, FOUR, top-edge but safe! Mistimes the drive into the off-side for a single ABD has come in. The thick edge was found and it flew for Smith to gobble it to his left. Markram c Smith b Hazlewood 21(28) [4s-3]Hazlewood to Markram, THAT'S OUT!! It was looped up outside off and the batsman got his feet to the pitch of the ball Lyon to Amla, no run, pushing forward with a set of glued bat and pad.

Refresh our mind - 10 days of tough Test cricket, back to back. One to David Warner was quite special [on the dismissal he enjoyed the most].

We will come back and practice hard and look forward to the next Test match."Rabada: "I'm glad. Australia were never going to give in easily, they are not gonna roll over so had to go into the reserve tank and do your best.

It wouldn't be nice on my part if I don't recognise their contributions. Do catch up on all the coverage as it happens and don't forget to read whatever is served up. Pretty much for us the whole four days we have played, we have been in a position of strength.

The next Test starts on the 22nd of March - nice break till then for everyone. The first hour was brilliant - we bowled really well on day 1, but then went to the beach for 45 minutes or an hour or so but came back again brilliantly.Dale Steyn also is trying tooth and nail to prove his fitness ahead of the third Test but looks slightly unlikely that he will be fit enough for the next Test. He got some runs in the first innings and would want to carry on with it in this innings as well.Deepu's corner: Best match figures for SA vs Aus in Tests:13/165 H Taylfield, MCG, 195211/150 K RABADA, this Test *10/116 CB Llewellyn, Old Wanderers, 190210/123 Fanie de Villiers, SCG, 1994Most wickets for pacers after 28 Tests:159 Waqar Younis149 Ian Botham140 Dennis Lillee/ Dale Steyn137 Andy Roberts135 K RABADALunch day 4- That dismissal of Elgar has spoiled a perfect session for the Proteas. They have done their business in the first hour of the session and victory should be a formality for them.Looking forward to him playing a huge part in the upcoming games.As I said before this game, there are two bowlers - Starc and Rabada who would get excessive reverse swing, exceptional bowlers.Knocked over Warner and then came back late in the day to get the doughty Khawaja out. Hazlewood to de Villiers, FOUR, we had a tormentor with the same maker's name who used to play some delightful drives down the ground off the very best. Did a tango down the track and then clipped it away effortlessly to send it over cow corner. Bad bounce also did not help his cause Hazlewood to de Villiers, FOUR, a little too short and this man! Gets on top of the ball and pulls it away towards deep square leg for a four. The ball curled in and the bat face came down straight to put it back at the bowler.

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