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The pair has been dating for quite a while now, however, their relationship doesn't seem to be in good terms. He is widely renowned as Red hot Chilli peppers band member.

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If you are wondering about the lucky man who stole the heart of Tantaros, it’s none other the former husband of Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro. Tantaros’ love affair with Navarro began in February 2015.

Although it seems like Navarro and Tantaros’ nature is totally different, the pair actually has a lot in common. Navarro’s current date is an alternative band’s co-founder.

The company collaborates with many Fortune 500 companies.

She then moved to New York City where she was made the Vice President of a public affairs company, Sloane and Co.

Then in 2011, she became the co-host of “The Five.” This show which consistently beat its competitors on MSNBC and CNN was a successful program that became the second – most watched program on cable news.

In 2014, she co-hosted a show called “Outnumbered, 25, 2016” but on25, 2016; she was not allowed to continue with the show as the Fox News gave the reason of being “contract issues.” According to her wiki, it reports that in the same year, she filed a lawsuit against Fox News for sexual harassment.

She did her post-graduate studies in France at the Universite de Paris. Profession Tantaros started her career as Press Secretary for the Republican Party during the early 2000’s in Capitol Hill situated in Washington D. She also worked at CNN for the show ‘Crossfire’ and as Press Secretary to Senator Pat Toomey.

She later started her own media strategy and management company named Andrea Tantaros Media.

For the first time, she got her break in the television media as a political contributor.

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