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(Even Dean Ornish supports the usage of fish oil; just about the only type of fat he seems to approve of.) I’m firmly in the “For” column as well if you haven’t already guessed.I feel so strongly about probiotics and their integral role in gut and overall health that, as you may know, I’m coming out with a probiotic supplement in a few weeks.

For our intents and purposes, prebiotics are classified as soluble fiber.

Conversely, fiber is the stuff that the human digestive system – neither host cells nor gut flora – cannot process nor digest, instead acting as a lubricant stimulant for our bowels (literally tearing our insides up, prompting the release of natural lubricant to speed up processing and limit damage).

Inulin is a long chain prebiotic fiber; long chain prebiotics contain 9-64 links per saccharide molecule and are digested more slowly, providing food for bacteria in the left side of the colon.

Oligofructose is a short chain prebiotic, containing 2-8 links per saccharide molecule and fermenting in the right side of the colon, considerably faster.

When most people discuss the so-called benefits of dietary fiber, they’re talking about insoluble fiber’s effect on stool passage and volume.

Yeah, it speeds up the process and makes for bigger toilet paper bills. I’m interested in soluble fiber, in the type of fiber that our gut flora can actually consume and ferment.

Finance’s website,” said Julie Koska, director of project and product management, sustainability at Morningstar. ’s wide-reaching platform, we’re able to further Morningstar’s mission of helping investors make more informed sustainable investing decisions.” “This is just the latest addition to Yahoo Finance,” said Charles Hartel, Director of Product Management at Yahoo Finance.

My wife and I recently celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.

Powered by Sustainalytics — the leading independent global provider of ESG and corporate governance research and ratings — there will also be graphical representations of the same information, tracked against the category average and plotted over time, so users can see how they are trending and rank against industry peers.

In addition to the numerical scores, the Sustainability pages on Yahoo Finance will also feature a graph highlighting “product involvement areas” — including categories such as alcoholic beverage, animal testing, adult entertainment, gambling, GMO, tobacco, and more — as well as each company’s “highest controversy level” and historical data dating back to 2014.

“Sustainalytics is pleased to be providing a company-level ESG risk lens to the millions of investors that leverage the Yahoo!

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